Ohm – October 2010 Update

The Ohm is among the latest additions of trendy and chic apartment rentals in the city. When you first step into The Ohm, you are greeted by sky high ceilings, quirky colors and hanging paintings and pieces of furniture that scream modern art. Topping that off is a concierge that greets you right away with a smile.

Apartments for Rent in New York

The Ohm apartments are beautifully laid out; with huge glass windows that gives you breath-taking views of the Hudson river and the Westside skyline. This 288 unit building was developed by Douglaston Development and designed by famous architect Stephen B. Jacobs, who also designed Hotel Ganservoort.

No Fee Apartments in New York City

Amenities include a fully fitted gym, a pool and arcade room with the coolest games on the block, a landscaped garden and sky deck. The majority of tenants in the building are made up of young, busy working professionals. Suited up men and women lounging around the lobby, garden terrace and sky deck area is a common sight.

Why It’s Hot

The partnership with the famous Knitting Factory has certainly proved fruitful. Live jazz music from this powerful concert house happens almost weekly in the lobby of the building. Friday nights will never be the same again. Breath-taking views of the Hudson River from the sky deck are also definitely a plus!

Apartments for Rent New York City

Nearby Amenities

The famous Highline Park is located just a stone’s throw away from The Ohm and an access point to the park is touted to open soon. There are also on-going plans for a 7 subway line to open that will service the far Westside. In the meantime, if you don’t feel like walking, a zippy Ohm shuttle bus will bring you to the nearby Penn Station and other famous locations.

Current Pricing and Availability

The building is currently 80% leased. Pricing for the apartments are as follows:

1 bedroom$3,305
2 bedroom$7,050
2 bedroom duplex$7800

In a city of bright lights and tall skyscrapers, there really is no place like Ohm!